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"All work and no shagging makes Austin a dull boy, man!"
-Austin Powers in The Spy Who Shagged Me

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
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  McFarlane Toys;   Website:
Six Action Figures - Price $7.99 - Release: June?
McFarlane toys will fill a gap that had been left open since the release of the first Austin: 3-D figures. Six figures will be a part of the release including very cool figures of Mini-Me and Fat Bastard. The price of $7.99 is very resonable considering all figures will include accessories and a voice chip that will play clips.

 Austin Powers in Red Suit
 Dr. Evil with Mr. Bigglesworth and New Chair      
 Austin in his Union Jack underwear
 Felicity Shagwell
 Fat Bastard

 Carded Austin
 Carded Dr. Evil
 Carded Fat Bastard
 Carded Mini-Me

 McFarlane Display at NYC Toy Fair
 McFarlane Poster for Figures
 Link to Press Release

Austin Powers Figure from McFarlane

  Sierra Software;   Website:
Operation Trivia CD-Rom - Price $29.95 - Release: June?
Operation Trivia Cd-Rom Game
Sierra and Berkeley Systems are putting out this trivia game in which the player can help Dr. Evil take over the world or help Austin stop him. Includes trivia from the 60's through 90's and can be pre-ordered through the website above.
  Dark Horse Comics;   Website:
Austin Statue - Price $99.95 - Release: June 23
Austin Powers Statue
This 12 inch statue of Austin will be released along with a statue of Felicity Shagwell. In the future they may make a Dr. Evil one as well. This can be pre-ordered at the site above, just search for "Austin Powers" at the bottom of the page. Click on the photo to the right for a larger pic.
  Cornerstone Communications;   Website: Here
Set of 72 Trading Cards - Price ? - Release: June
Ad for Trading CardsThis set was originally scheduled to be released in May but Mike isn't allowing it's release until after the movie because of the secrecy of the new characters. No autographed cards but five promo cards will be released: three by the company and two in magazines such as Tuff Stuff's Collect! Cards are send to be made in "Shag-o-vision." Click on the ad to the right to see a larger version.
  Gifts from the Director and Mike Myers
Various Gifts for the Crew
Key Ring GiftThese may be the ultimate collectibles. These are two of the gifts given by director Jay Roach and Mike Myers to the cast and crew of AP2. The photo to the right is of a key ring and below is a martini shaker with the new logo.
 "A.P. 1999" Key Ring and AP2 Martini Shaker 

  Other Products That I Don't Have Much Info On
These are other products coming out that are still being researched. Websites probably don't have any info on their Austin Powers merch.

 Matchbox - Two mini cars including Austin's "Shaguar."  
 Inflatable Furniture (Seen at NYC Toy Fair)  
 Shagadelically Speaking; The Words and World of AP Book
 Heinken Beer Promotional Tie-in
 Possible Fast Food Promotion

Austin in Entertainment Weekly

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